A Home to Treasure

First, we would like to thank you for the wonderful throw blanket that you gave us as a home-warming gift.  It is greatly appreciated.

We are very happy with our home, and feel that the materials provided were of top quality through-out.  Several relatives and friends of ours have commented on the fine materials, as well as Todd’s craftsmanship.  This was an extremely positive experience for us and one we would whole heartedly recommend to anyone interested in owning a Log Home.

Todd and his crew created a quality home that we will treasure for years to come.  We would recommend him without reservation to anyone interested in have a home built.

Thank you again for all of your efforts, it was a pleasure to do business with you.

Fred & June Van Mourik, Otisfield, Maine

Energy Star Certified Home

Lisa and I would like to send you this note as a big thank you for building us such a great home.  The post and bean feel and build quality is great and we are truly enjoying it more and more daily.  The energy efficiency is amazing compared to our past homes and will pay us back for years to come.  We are thrilled that it exceeded even the Energy Star Standard by such a large margin.

Your guidance and advice was outstanding both in the planning and actual building phase of the project.  I can’t think of one time we called with a question or concern that we didn’t get a quick response.  Even the final punch list, as small as it was, you resolved without hesitation.  We could not have asked for a higher level of professionalism from you all.

Add us to what we would guess is a long list of satisfied clients.  Great job and thank you once again for not just building our house but making it such a beautiful, functional and high quality home.  We are thrilled, looking back now, we selected Hilltop to do it.

Mark and Lisa King, Wayne, Maine

Happy Hilltop Homeowners

I want to let you know how pleased Ann-Marie and I are with our log home.  From the outset, we had confidence with Hilltop, and you in particular.  We got the support we needed in the design phase, the changes to the design, and all the plans as they were implemented.  Problem resolution was speedy and we both think that Hilltop acted in a fair and honest manner.  I recall you specifically telling us that we will be pleased, and you were right!

Building a new home brings its share of challenges, but again Hilltop always worked to be part of a solution.  The building process took a little longer than we expected, but the issues had nothing to do with Hilltop.  Actually, you were very helpful in resolving some of the problems.  We were particularly pleased with the work of the builder you recommended, who consistently built the home like it was going to be his own.

For over 30 years, Ann-Marie and I have spent part of our summer in Harpswell.  Each year we would look at real estate and contemplate getting a place of our own.  Now, in very large part because of the Hilltop product and the support and advice from you, it is a reality for us.  Dreams can come true!  As I told you at our last visit, recently I asked Ann-Marie if she liked her new house, she said replied:  “I don’t like my new house.  I love it”.

Please convey our appreciation to the other people at Hilltop.  Everyone we met at Hilltop always treated us in a kind and pleasant manner.  Feel free to post this letter, or any part of it, on your bulletin board or on your website.  Also, if future customers would like to talk to a satisfied customer, you can give them our phone number.

Bob and Ann-Marie Holland

Proud to Show Their Home

Our neighbors next door put their house up for sale last year. When interested parties would come by to look at their house, which is closer to the water and has a better view than ours, these people asked if our house was available because they liked it better! And they hadn’t even seen the inside! If that isn’t a testament to how nice our Hilltop Log Home is, I don’t know what is.

Thank you for helping us plan and build such a great home. If you have parties who are interested in building, please feel free to send them over to look at our home. We would be proud to show off what Hilltop Log Homes has helped us create, simply because it is more than a house, it is truly a log home.

Debra Taylor and Tom Walsh

Hilltop Builders

So much thought has gone into organizing a Hilltop package for delivery. With everything palletized, numbered and in protective wrap, I can get straight to work.

Cecil Phillips, Phillips Construction

Hilltop has been responsive and professional throughout the building process. They went the extra mile to ensure a positive experience for me and the homeowner. Hilltop clearly cares about quality—in both their great products and outstanding service.

Peter & Bill Mathews, Mathews Builders LLC

I have built log homes for several years, and I have built for other companies as well. Hilltop supplies a much better, user friendly package than its competitors, both for the builders and also for the Do-It-Yourselfers that want to build their own home.

Todd Mulherin, Bandit Builders