Addis & Vicki Barden

Addis & Vicki Barden
Hawks Hill Log Homes
Serving West Virginia


3155 Hawks Hill Lane
Keedysville, MD

Phone: 888-CABIN 97 (888-222-4697)



Addis and Vicki’s log home overlooks the Shenandoah Valley, including the historic civil war site of the Antietam Battlefield.  The Barden’s built their home, doing a lot of the work themselves the winter of 1995-1996, which was one of the worst winters for the area with more than 54 inches of snow!

Addis and Vicki have been married for 28 years and have raised six children.  Addis retired in October 2003 after over 45 years in the retail business and Vicki works as a Financial Manager.

“When Vicki and I do any type of shopping we expect sales people to respect our needs as if they were their own.  Understanding the client is the sales person’s most important job.  When we met the owners of Hilltop Log & Timber Homes, they made us feel immediately comfortable because they understood and respected our needs.  We knew that representing Hilltop would be a natural fit for us.”


As Client Advisors for Hilltop Log & Timber Homes, Hawks Hill Log Homes offers the finest and most complete log and timber homes in the industry.  From the initial design phase through project completion, we pride ourselves in providing unsurpassed service.  Contact us today and let us help make your log or timber home dream a reality!